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~Audition Crash~ Course
14-18 yrs

Audition Crash Course

This one-day course prepares young actors for auditions through play and feedback.

Young boy dancing in forefront with young girl smiling in the background.
7-9 Years


Toowoomba: Drama Starter

These fun, introductory classes are a great place to start if your young person is looking for a space to express themselves creatively.

Dalby: ~Drama Junior~
9-12 Years


Dalby: Drama Junior

Learn basic performance and creative skills while building your self-confidence and focus through exciting drama activities.

Young boy staring off into the distance with young girl looking at the boy curiously from behind.
9-12 Years


Toowoomba: Drama One

These intermediate classes are all about learning core performance tools while building self-confidence and focus skills.

Two youth arts performers reviewing a script together.
12-15 Years


Toowoomba: Drama Two

Designed to refine drama and performance skills in a deeply collaborative and fun space.

Youth arts performer reading notes from his notebook.
16+ Years


Toowoomba: Drama Plus

This advanced program is designed for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of their world through drama and performance.

Senior class members in theater workshop doing improv
13+ Years


Dalby: Drama Senior

Continue your learning of performance and creative skills through exciting drama activities and exercises.

of country

Empire Theatres acknowledges the Traditional Custodians, the Giabal, Jarowair and Western Wakka Wakka people, where we work and present stories. We would like to pay respect to the Elders, past and present and to all First Nations people.

Artwork: Kim Walmsley

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