The Type

A blend of Street Dance with contemporary theatre, empowering women through dynamic choreography and vibrant music.

The ~Type~
The ~Type~

#Inspired by women's experiences, they celebrate representation, body image, and self-worth.

Energetic and empowering, The Type features a dynamic ensemble from the renowned dance collective, Pink Matter. Celebrating each woman's journey, they draw inspiration from their experiences with representation, body image, and self-worth.

Infused with fusion choreography and innovative free movement, set against a vibrant soundtrack of Hip-Hop, R&B, and House music, The Type's exceptional cast boldly brings Street Dance into the realm of contemporary Australian theatre. 

They challenge the competitive landscape of commercial dance with fearlessness and optimism, radiating a powerful energy of feminine strength.

Friday 09 August - 7:30pm

Empire Cardholder $34.00
Adult $42.00
Concession(Gov Seniors & Pension Cards) $38.00
Youth U25yrs $29.00
*a fee of $5 applies per transaction for online bookings.



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Artwork: We Are Yuree by Adrian Bauwens

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