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    • QSO Favourites - Livestream
      12 Feb
      Empire Theatre
      Broadcast live from QPAC’s acoustically superb Concert Hall, QSO is able to bring the powerful experience of an entire orchestra performing on stage broadcast to the Empire Theatre Read more...
    • Camerata - Illuminations
      09 Jul
      Empire Church Theatre
      French chic meets British refinement in Illuminations, where Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra performs classic works from Elgar, Debussy, and Britten. Read more...
    • Camerata & Lior : Compassion
      09 Sep
      Armitage Centre
      In 2022, we will finally present an exciting collaboration that has been years in the making. After cancellations and border closures, leading Australian singer/songwriter Lior and Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra will at last come together. Read more...
    • Camerata - Mozart's Jupiter
      25 Nov
      Armitage Centre
      Described as “a triumph of instrumental composition”, Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony has been an audience favourite since its creation and is one of his most celebrated works. Read more...