Don't You Know Who I Am!

Seven captivating one-act plays crafted by local director and playwright, Marianne Buchanan.

A Homegrown Series Production

Don't You Know ~Who I Am!~

# Each play is a unique and enthralling experience.

Don’t You Know Who I Am! is an immersive evening of entertainment featuring seven captivating one-act plays crafted by local director and playwright, Marianne Buchanan. 

This production follows the success of Buchanan’s 2023 Homegrown Independents Program debut, Breaking Breast, which chronicled her personal triumph over breast cancer. 

Brimming with Buchanan’s signature blend of wit, absurdity and compelling narratives, Don’t You Know Who I Am! promises to be an unforgettable experience, transporting audiences into a captivating universe, brought to life by a talented ensemble of 12 actors. 

From the confines of Roof House, where characters confront adversity, to the antics of The Hexing Witches, where hilariously ineffectual hexes are cast, each play is a unique and enthralling experience.

A published playwright, Buchanan has established herself as a prolific storyteller, unafraid to explore diverse themes. 

Don’t You Know Who I Am! is Marianne Buchanan’s second Homegrown Independents Program production. 

Tuesday 09 July - 7:30pm

Wednesday 10 July - 7:30pm

Friday 12 July - 7:30pm

Adult $25.00
Concession(Gov Seniors & Pension Cards) $22.00
*a transaction fee of $5 applies per transaction for phone and internet bookings.


120mins with 30mins interval

#seven captivating one-act plays

Roof House

Featuring Tara-Lee Green and Julie Prenzler 

Join Liana and Jamie in a whirlwind of chaos as they navigate the crumbling confines of Jamie's home. In this dark comedic rollercoaster, watch as they discover that sometimes, when things seem like they couldn't possibly get worse, they do!


Featuring Taz Clifford and Tara-Lee Green

Step into the perplexing world of a greedy and uncaring doctor and his misdiagnosed patient as they embark on a confusing and confounding journey of medical misunderstandings. 

Scary Singing Pirates of the South Seas

Featuring full ensemble

Ahoy, mateys! Prepare to be entertained and enthralled by a motley crew of wannabe pirates whose exaggerated tales and paranoid antics lead to side-splitting adventures on the high seas. It's a swashbuckling spectacle full of laughs and surprises that'll have you singing along with the pirates...if you dare!

The Hexing Witches

Featuring Ruth Abela, Mickayla Walker, Naldine Welman, and El Powell.

‘Double, double, toil, and trouble’—these witches may not be brewing up anything useful, but they sure know how to cast a spell on your funny bone! Join them in a spellbinding comedy where the most absurd hexes are unleashed, leading to magical mayhem and misadventures that will leave you spellbound with laughter.

Dotty Scotty

Featuring Ruth Abela and Mickayla Walker

Take a trip down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories with Marianne Buchanan's quirky published play. Follow two friends as they navigate the blurred lines between reality and delusion, questioning what's truly loopy and what might just be a stroke of genius. With twists and turns at every corner, this play keeps audiences guessing until the very end!


Featuring Naldine Welman and Reece Murray

Brace yourself for a gripping tale of redemption and revenge as Rebecka's home becomes the stage for a dramatic confrontation with her troubled past. In a riveting clash of teacher and student, watch as secrets are revealed and emotions run high in this heart-wrenching portrayal of forgiveness and second chances.

Don't You Know Who I Am

Featuring full ensemble

Lights, camera, chaos! Join the cast of this absurd production as they face every imaginable disaster with humour and heart. From forgotten lines to malfunctioning props, witness the resilience of thespians determined to keep the show going at all costs. It's a backstage comedy of errors that will have you laughing until the final curtain falls!

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