Homegrown Independents Program

Homegrown Independents Program is the Empire Theatre Projects Company’s assisted hire program encouraging the development and production of new and exciting works, allowing them space to be seen and presented. Independent producers are afforded expert advice and assistance to produce their event.

The program allows for experimentation, collaboration and creative freedom and produces high quality results. It is designed to provide access, develop community capacity, support local emerging artists and develop theatre audiences by introducing them to new and local adventurous work.

Presenters apply for the program through a competitive application process and 2019’s program includes 4 productions covering movement, comedy, drama and music theatre. Tickets will be available 6 weeks prior to the first performance of each show.

See below what is on offer this year and mark it in your calendar!

Being Male Is.

Threatening, full of expectations, hard, powerful, great, strong, reliable, confusing, penis.

No one knows this more than Thomas, who from a young age plays witness to the behaviours and positioning of men around him. The growing mystery of what it is to be a boy and to become a man in the wake of toxic masculinity stirs Thomas to question;

Should he be a man?

Does he want to be a man?

Is he a man?

Being Male Is. a new and explorative work from local emerging actors Jaycob Bevan-Delaney and Eli Bunyoung, who themselves are on the precipice of independent manhood. Set against the backdrop of a sensitively crafted soundscape and palpable video installation, Being Male Is. harnesses the male physicality, pushes it to its limits and gently cradles its return.

Empire Theatres Studio

20-22 June



The Boyos Shindig Save the Universe

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln whom once prophesied - The Boyos Shindig will save the universe... with laughies.

Now, 20 years on from the death of that great man, society is in chaos. The four pillars of civilisation: Politica, Economica, Environmenta, and Educationa, are becoming but simple memories of a bygone era. Will society be unrecognisable in the coming years? Or will The Boyos have something to say about it?

The Boyos Shindig’s first full length live show is an epic for the ages, a struggle for truth and meaning, and a re-evaluation of the way we as humans interact and connect on a social, societal and global scale. It’s also really stupid.
Come see Toowoomba’s newest, most exciting, most ridiculous comedy group put their heart and soul into making fun of everything you believe in. Come see The Boyos Shindig Save The Universe.

Empire Theatres Studio

17-18 July



PUCK Presented by Magnetic North Theatre Company - TBC

 Empire Theatre Studio

21-23 August


The Flute, The Lantern & The Spell By Damian Dore

Promise the Pirate, a young woman with an incurable case of loneliness, returns to the land of her origins to find someone else pretending to be her. Circumnavigating the locals who want to hang her out to dry, Promise finds accidental help in a daffy local waiter only too keen to aid her in the pursuit of happiness.

A brand spanking new musical, The Flute, The Lantern & The Spell is a sparkling ride from the high seas to coastal villages to inland cottonfields. Workshopped throughout 2019 and presented for the very first time here in a semi-staged production, The Flute, The Lantern & The Spell will entertain everyone in the dry and the wet.

Empire Theatre Studio

11-13 December





Ghosts of Leigh

Show Information

by Dallas Baker 
Thursday, 22 February, 7pm 
Friday 23 February, 7pm 
Empire Theatre Studio 

Ghosts of Leigh is an incredible coming of age play that follows the identity struggle of a teenage boy, Dandelion, who is coming to terms with being a little different. With the fabulous guidance of the incredibly bold and free-spirited ghost of 1980s artist/designer Leigh Bowery, Dandelion embraces who he is. This play brings to life the struggle with, and triumph over, social conformity and the consequences and anxieties individuals go through on a day to day basis to cover up who they really are in order to seem “normal”. This is a truly magical, endearing and awakening play that is sure to make you laugh, cry a little and feel good about the world.

The play, written by Dallas J. Baker, will be directed by Scott Alderdice and brought to life by George Harris and Logan Matthews.

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