Bananas & Hell Yeah


Harper Williams is a very successful playwright - his works have been performed all around the world and he has received every theatre award imaginable. But unfortunately, the bubble has burst on Harper and he is back writing for amateur theatre. What is worse, he is forced to hire a director that not only hates his guts but is an alcoholic! However. Harper knows his play For What it's Worth can get him back to the top, even if he has to swallow his pride. Bananas is a comedy about a playwright, a director and a group of actors trying to put on a play. Will For What it's Worth be successful and get Harper back up to the top? Or will it all just turn...Bananas?

This play has Cross-Dressing, an actor pretending to be a cat, comedy fighting and a good old fashioned dance number. Bananas is guaranteed to tickle your funny bones and open your eyes to the wonder world of theatre.


 Hell Yeah! 

Nicholas Joy has always been an embarrassment, but all embarrassments have a story behind them. In his One Man Show - Hell Yeah! Nick reflects on the past experiences that have built him into the person he is today. This comedic take on Nick’s High-school life explores the ups and down of growing up and what led to the greatest embarrassment of nick’s poor life. A hilarious and sometimes challenging story of the day a terrible mistake was made and the wonderful things that came as a result. 

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Empire Theatre Studio

All Tickets $25.00 

Rated M 

Act One- Bananas - 60 mins

Interval - 20 mins 

Act Two- Hell Yeah- 60 mins 

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