Paul Kelly & His Band on the Road Again


With Special Guest GORDI 

Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly will be joined by his band to embark on their On The Road Again tour this July and August. The tour will see Kelly and his band tour regional towns and cities across the Australian East Coast, performing for 24 audiences within two months. Kelly’s band will be joining him on all tour dates, including Vika and Linda Bull, Bill McDonald, Peter Luscombe, Ash Naylor and Cameron Bruce.

“The band and crew and I have really missed each other over the last eighteen months as shows after shows were first postponed then cancelled. We put our toe in the water with a one off New Year’s Eve performance for TV but now we’re really looking forward to stretching out and playing music night after night. We want to see the whites of your eyes,  you lovers of sound, joy and fury; we want to charge the air around us and change each other and send you home singing into the night!”

Last year also saw the release of Kelly’s album Forty Days. Performed, recorded and posted via his socials from home in lockdown, this 15-track album comprises of songs and poems, some of which were written by other artists and explore themes related to lockdown like cooking, dry pubs, hope, insomnia and separation, whilst other songs commemorate singers and poets like Bill Withers, John Prine and Bruce Dawe who have left us recently.

Never stopping, in 2020 Paul Kelly also released the album Please Leave Your Light On with Australian pianist and composer Paul Grabowsky.

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Gordi - 7.30pm - 8pm 

Interval- 8pm-8.30pm 

Paul Kelly- 8.30pm - 10.30pm 

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