Elixir - Curious Arts Festival

Three eccentric (albeit handsome) scientists attempt to create the elixir of life blending breathtaking acrobatic skills, hilarious antics and pulsing sweaty muscles. Nothing goes to plan and the effects the elixir results in barely clad bodies, boisterous mayhem with impeccable comic timing!

Finely chiselled brainiacs fly metres into the air from the teeterboard, spinning upside down on the mesmerising cyr wheel, balancing one arm handstands on wobbling canes and swinging on their head from the trapeze.

Remember to breathe, this is bare-chested brinkmanship, bold and hilarious! Brave the heat, see the sweat! Elixir is uninhibited, it’s bold and it’s hilarious.

Winner – Best Circus and Physical Theatre Adelaide Fringe and Best Cabaret Brighton Fringe UK

About Head First Acrobats

Head First Acrobats (A.K.A HFA) are a multi-awardwinning company providing world class circus and physical theatre performance.  Their style is defined by their unique mix of old school slapstick comedy, with new-school deathdefying acrobatics. 


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Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:30 PM 20 Mar 08:30PM Buy Tickets
Sat, 21 Mar 2020 08:00 PM 21 Mar 08:00PM Buy Tickets
Armitage Centre

Empire Cardholder                                           $35.00

Adult                                                                 $38.00

Concession                                                       $38.00

Groups 6+                                                         $35.00


Recommended for mature audiences 


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