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The Empire Theatres Homegrown Independent Series presents

Being Male Is.

Threatening, full of expectations, hard, powerful, great, strong, reliable, confusing, penis. No one knows this more than Thomas, who from a young age plays witness to the behaviours and positioning of men around him. The growing mystery of what it is to be a boy and to become a man in the wake of toxic masculinity stirs Thomas to question; 

Should he be a man? Does he want to be a man? Is he a man?

Being Male Is. is a new and explorative work from local emerging actors Jaycob Beven-Delaney and Eli Bunyoung, who themselves are on the precipice of independent manhood. Set against the backdrop of a sensitively crafted soundscape and palpable video installation, Being Male Is. harnesses the male physicality, pushes it to its limits and gently cradles its return.

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Fri, 21 Jun 2019 07:00 PM 21 Jun 07:00PM Ended
Sat, 22 Jun 2019 07:00 PM 22 Jun 07:00PM Ended
Empire Theatre Studio

All Tickets    $18.00