Empire Youth Arts Drama Workshops (Dalby) TERM ONE


Empire Youth Arts aims to enrich and empower the young people of the Toowoomba region through providing regular drama workshops. Through drama games, exercises and performance-based tasks run by highly qualified and experienced facilitators, participants will learn drama,  communication and teamwork skills, whilst connecting with other drama fans and developing performers.  

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Learning basic performance and creative skills while building your self-confidence and focus through exciting drama activities. Develop your drama and performance skills in a passionate and supportive environment and create original outcomes

Classes Commence Friday 7 February- 27 March 



Senior Class (AGES 13 - 18)

Designed for students to develop a deeper understanding of their world through drama and performance, the Senior Class is suited to those who would like to develop their skills beyond curriculum learning and advance their opportunities in artistic development and performance to connect students to tertiary study pathways. 

Classes Commence Friday Friday Friday 7 February- 27 March 




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Dalby State High School ( A Block)

Junior Class $95 per person 

Senior Class $145 per person 


Jeanette Wedmaier - Projects Manager 
4698 9925  jeanette@empiretheatre.com.au 

Ari Palani - Youth Arts Director
4698 9926  ari@empiretheatre.com.au