06 Jun 2017


Immerse yourself in the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s free 360-degree virtual orchestra experience when it visits the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery from July 1- 31.

Imagine standing on stage surrounded by the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s virtuoso musicians, feeling the energy of Artistic Director Richard Tognetti playing his priceless Guarneri del Gesù violin, or getting up close to Principal Violinist Satu Vänskä’s Stradivarius violin.

Known as ACO Virtual, the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s world-first digital installation, was built using state-of-the-art technology.

This ground-breaking interactive installation allows the audience to conduct and even play with the Orchestra.

Audiences can see how fast the musician's fingers move in a way not possible in a concert hall, hear the unique sounds of the ACO’s multi-million-dollar collection of instruments and take the helm of the “greatest chamber orchestra on earth” and stand in for Richard Tognetti himself.

ACO Virtual features projections of 13 musicians surrounding the audience on all sides, with the sound of each player coming from the direction of their projection with the experience similar to standing in the middle of the Orchestra during a concert.

A touch-screen allows users to feature and listen to one musician, a section of instruments or their desired selection of players. Audiences essentially step ‘inside’ a concert and are surrounded by the musicians, manipulating what they hear and see, just like in a video game.

ACO Virtual delivers a unique and inspiring learning environment, giving people the opportunity to engage with – and learn from – world-class musicians they would not ordinarily have the chance to see performing on stage.  

The free installation runs for approximately 30 minutes in a loop and features the following carefully selected works:


JS BACH Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G: 1st movement


SMALLEY Strung Out (excerpt)

GRIEG (arranged Tognetti) String Quartet in G minor: 1st movement


Australian Chamber Orchestra will also perform live at the Empire Theatre on Wednesday 6 September.

For more information visit empiretheatre.com.au.