16 May 2017


The Empire Theatre will be transported under the sea for two performances from June 23-24 when audiences are invited to dive in and meet some playful creatures of the deep in Erth’s Preshistoric Aquarium.

Featuring giant puppetry, stilt-walkers, inflatable environments, aerial and flying creatures, this performance will unlock some of nature’s greatest mysteries and immerse the audience into an unfamiliar world.

While aimed at young audience members aged five and over, this unique and mesmerising performance appeals to both children and adults alike, and is a show not to be missed.

 Presented by one of the country’s most respected, acclaimed and innovative puppeteering companies, Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium is a highlight of the Empire Theatre’s 20th Anniversary Season.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium invites children to step into the action of the performance; each show performers will invite a small number of young divers from the audience to join them on their quest to the bottom of the ocean, to ‘swim’ with an amazing array of aquatic creatures from bygone eras.

What does a Plesiosaurs skin feel like? How big are a Kronosaurus teeth? And do Kimberella even wear shoes? Erth’s skilled handlers will be able to answer all these questions and more in this once in a lifetime interactive theatre experience at Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium.

Connecting young audiences to the real science of palaeontology, Erth’s prehistoric creatures are unmistakably ‘alive’ and mostly friendly, in this fun, educational and unique performance that will delight all audiences.

For more information or to book tickets visit empiretheatre.com.au, call 1300 655 299 or visit the box office at 54 Neil Street.