24 Jun 2016

Supergirly Promises Return of Homegrown Pop Princess


Self-proclaimed pop princess Supergirly once bathed in the limelight like the A-lister she was born to be, before a quick descent into obscurity and her gaudy mansion, but is back again to share her story with the Empire Theatre audience on August 28 in a unique comedy cabaret show.

 Armed with razor-sharp wit, serious singing skills, and an artillery of outrageous lyrics, Supergirly is ruthless in her assault on the world of pop.

 With the aid of her trusty man servant Bradley Cooper (or perhaps just an unemployed actor who answered an ad in the paper), Supergirly’s illusions of grandeur are only fuelled when Cooper (Lyall Brooks) arrives at her door masquerading as a multitude of visiting pop stars.

 Prepare to be in stitches over her energetic performances and poignant observations about pop stars ranging from Cher to One Direction.

 LuLu McClatchy who has found fame in shows such as Neighbours and Bogan Pride (a.k.a Supergirly) showcases the best of Australian humour, and with every joke and parody she becomes more endearing.

 Supergirly is so much more than the crude jokes, rude lyrics and vicious celebrity parodies, it’s a show for those aware of the often shallow and outlandishness nature of the pop culture world.

 “It’s big call, but this could be the funniest live show I have ever seen.” –

  Weekend Notes Melbourne

 “You’ll walk out of Supergirly with a big smile and big song in your heart” – Karla Dondio, Aussie Theatre

 Cabaret table seating is available for purchase in single seats or per table as well a fully tiered seating bank.

 Cheese platters to enjoy during the performance are also available for order