29 May 2016

Bursary winner to return for album premiere performance

After the release of her successful second album Lady Luck, Brian Boak Bursary winner Angela Davis has returned to Toowoomba for the Australian premiere performance in the Armitage Centre on June 4.

Ms Davis was awarded the 2014 Empire Theatres Brian Boak Outstanding Performer Bursary and used the bursary funds to develop and record the disc.

Since completing her album, Ms Davis has moved back to Australia from New York City, living and performing in Melbourne, including performances at the Logie Awards, Stonnington Jazz Festival, and the Melbourne Women’s International Jazz Festival .

Her album, Lady Luck has been nominated for three nationally recognised  and prestigious Bell Awards.

“The Bell Awards acknowledge excellence in jazz performance, creativity and presentation and represents the only awards we have in Australia specifically for jazz, so it’s quite and honour to be short listed,” Ms Davis said.

“Toowoomba is my home town and it’s very special for me to be able to present the music of Lady Luck at the Empire Theatre, since the creation of the album was made possible through funding from the Empire Theatres Foundation.”

Lady Luck features compositions ranging from jazz standards to some of Angela’s own compositions arranged by leading Australian jazz pianist, Steve Newcomb.