13 May 2016

Wartime Story Opens in Armitage Centre This Week

The opening of the Empire Theatre’s second community production, Breaker Morant is just days away. 

This powerful true story of wartime betrayal and injustice opens Friday and will be performed in the Armitage Centre’s Heritage Bank Auditorium on Saturday for a Matinee and night performance.

Breaker Morant follows the story of Harry “Breaker” Morant, a renowned bush poet and horse breaker and two lieutenants court-martialled for the executing of Boer prisoners allegedly under orders from their commanders.

Was it a war crime? Or simply an act of war?

Made famous by the 1980 film starring Jack Thompson and John Waters, Breaker Morant is a story of the horror of war and making the choice between honour and revenge. Highlighting one of the most controversial men in Australian history, Breaker Morant’s story divided an empire and built a legend.

University of Southern Queensland graduate Trevor Vanstone is set to bring the famous historical figure to life, and is joined on stage by a talented local  all- male cast. 

Vanstone is currently Brisbane based and is pursuing an acting career including involvement in various short films, stage productions, commercials and television series.

Assistant Director and Producer, Ari Palani said Breaker was an Australian Story of mateship courage and standing tall in the face of enormous odds.

“As theatre artists we love a good challenge and this play has brought with it a few that don’t usually happen with other works. We’ve been putting our very talented cast through their paces in learning the military protocol of the time; marching, saluting, and appropriate court martial behaviours,” Mr Palani said.

“The story is an interesting one to investigate now, as it is one of complex combat situations, the communities affected by this and story of mateship under fire- something we are still today witnessing around the world,” 

“We are often well versed in similar stories like Ned Kelly, but this is one that is lesser known.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Box Office on 1300 655 299 or visit www.empiretheatre.com.au