18 Aug 2015

USQ Graduate presents hilarious original cabaret

A former University of Southern Queensland student will delve into the ‘trauma’ of first world problems in a hilarious original cabaret performed in the Empire Church Theatre on September 5.

Created by USQ graduate, Judy Hainsworth, #FirstWorldWhiteGirls is a funny and self-indulgent exploration of first world problems, complete with catchy songs, audience sing-alongs and on-stage cat fights.

Featuring the vocal talents of Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver Parker, this show tackles the big issues of modern times, forgetting computer passwords, having a full wardrobe but nothing to wear, having over-supportive parents and always feeling like the smartest person in the room.

“I think the audience will enjoy laughing at how horrible Kaitlin and my characters are, then also laugh harder when they recognise parts of themselves in us,” Judy said.

“I think we’re unique from a lot of cabarets because we have original songs and they’re really important to the message of the show,”

“Sometimes I see cabarets where the songs are just conveniently jammed in because the performer just wants to sing them.

“A lot of cabarets are all about someone’s life story- our show is different because it is as much about the audience as it is about us.”

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls debuted to huge acclaim at Melbourne’s The Butterfly Club followed by a sold out season at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Box Office on 1300 655 299 or visit www.empiretheatre.com.au