28 Jul 2015

Bell Shakespeare Brings Timeless Tragedy to Empire Stage

 Renowned theatre company, Bell Shakespeare, returns to the Empire Theatre on September 2 after more than a decade, presenting stage favourite and popular tragedy, Hamlet. 

Acclaimed director Damien Ryan delivers this production of Hamlet off the back of his award winning production of Henry V in 2014. 

Hamlet is a detailed family portrait in the political landscape of a ‘rotten’ Denmark, a country furiously preparing for war, not realising that the enemy lies within. 

Hamlet is a young man cast in an unfamiliar role in a story he never expected to tell.  

Deeply saddened by the sudden death of his father, he is further shocked to find his mother quickly remarried to his the dead kings brother. 

Haunted by his mother’s perceived crime, Hamlet is a mass of contradictions and a modern anti-hero. All at once, he is vulgar, misogynistic and cruel while being overwhelmed by insecurities and indecision.  He speaks the truth, confronting the audience with just how fragile our ideals of family, love, community, loyalty, faithfulness and the courage to act can be. 

“Hamlet is one of the most complete experiences theatre can provide – extraordinary poetry, intense passion, dazzling intelligence, terror, casual slaughter, friendship, humanity, great humour and great grief,” Director Damien Ryan said. 

“Shakespeare casts his spell through the sheer scope and grandeur of this story, beginning with a dead man walking and ending with a stage littered with bodies.” 

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Box Office on 1300 655 299 or visit www.empiretheatre.com.au