22 Apr 2021

Nicky takes on Term 2 Workshops!

For Empire Youth Arts new Lead Teaching Artist, Nicky Hauesler, carving out a career working both with young people and the arts has been years in the making.

Nicky took on the new role following the departure of much-loved former Empire Youth Arts Director, Ari Palani at the end of January and although she officially commenced with the start of Term 1 Youth Arts workshops, Nicky has been a fixture at the Empire Theatre since her first time as a participant in a  Drama Plus workshop at 18 years old.   

From there, Nicky successfully auditioned for IMPACT Senior's production of Chalk in 2016, worked as an Assistant Stage Manager on the Empire Theatres production of Legally Blonde The Musical and shadowed Ari Palani on his projects while also studying a Bachelor of Theatre Arts at University of Southern Queensland and teaching classes with Empire Youth Arts.

Last year, Nicky also wrote and directed the first Dalby IMPACT Ensemble’s production, We Come From Dalby.

“Being under Ari’s mentorship for four years was a unique experience and a brilliant way to step into facilitating and community engagement,” Nicky said.  

“What kept drawing me back to the Youth Arts space was having a community of likeminded people and being challenged in the classes and ensembles in ways that I wasn’t being challenged anywhere else in my life,” she said.

“I felt valued as I was and for someone stepping out of high school and choosing a career path, a big part of the decision to work in this sector, was wanting to share that experience through theatre for younger communities.”

Nicky’s goal as she continues through her first year as Lead Teaching Artist is to continue to honour the value statement of Empire Youth Arts.

“We will continue to create theatre for, with and by young people and widen the reach of those people we meet and the kinds of communities we can give opportunities to,” Nicky said.  

“I think young people are desperately underestimated about their capabilities and the contributions they can make and programs like Empire Youth Arts, which has such a focus on young people and their agency, are few and far between.”

Empire Youth Arts Term 2 Drama Workshops commence from May 1, running weekly during Term 2 for a range of ages and skill levels.

For more information and Empire Youth Arts class schedules visit www.empiretheatre.com.au or call 1300 655 299.