01 Dec 2020

2021 Homegrown Independents Program

Homegrown is the Empire Theatre’s Independents program encouraging the development and production of new and exciting works and allowing them space to be seen and presented. Independent producers are afforded expert advice and assistance to produce their event and the program is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the producer. Homegrown is designed to provide access, develop community capacity, support local emerging artists and develop audiences by introducing them to new and local adventurous work.

Homegrown allows for experimentation, collaboration and creative freedom and has produced high quality results. Past Independent producers have gone on to show their work elsewhere and have their work published.

We encourage applications from all disciplines, including cross discipline work. We want to hear your idea and help you share it with the wider community. We are also open to flexible presentation models but offer a standard structure as a starting point.

Please read the EOI and Application Information here for more information.

 Applications must be submitted by December 18 close of business to be considered as part of the 2021 season of events. 

Download the Application Form here.