26 Jun 2019

Classic Australian Story Makes Magic on Stage

Classic Australian picture book Possum Magic returns to the Empire Theatre stage from August 5-6 for three incredible performances.

Based on the book by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas, this brand-new stage adaptation is brought to life by Monkey Baa Theatre Company’s Eva Di Cesare (Diary of a Wombat, Peasant Prince, Hitler’s Daughter) and Sandra Eldridge (The Unknown Soldier, Hitler’s Daughter).

Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted young readers for generations and this magical new production promises an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

This magical performance follows Grandma Poss, who loves making magic. One day, when danger arrives in the form of a snake, Grandma Poss uses a magical spell to make little possum Hush invisible. But bring invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Hush longs to see herself again, but there is just one problem… Grandma Poss needs to find a very special ingredient.

Monkey Baa has assembled an astounding team of creatives to help bring the book to life including production designer Emma Vine, Sydney Theatre Award-winning composer and sound designer Nate Edmondson, and magic and illusion designer Adam Mada (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child).

“It’s tremendously exciting to bring one of Australia’s most loved iconic stories to the stage, and we are honoured to have the support of Mem and Julie. With this show, we really wanted to highlight how important it is for young people to find their own voice and visibility, and for those who are older to encourage and support their journey because it leads us somewhere new too,” Director Sandra Eldridge said.

“Back in 1978, when I wrote a children’s story as a university assignment, I’d have died of joy if I’d known it would eventually become Possum Magic. In 2019, the magic goes on. Possum Magic is now a play! And although I’m as old as Grandma Poss, I’m as excited as a child,” Author, Mem Fox said.

For more information or to book tickets to this performance, please contact the Empire Theatre on 1300 655 299 or visit www.empiretheatre.com.au.