10 Oct 2018

The Story of Paradise Parrot

Did you attend the Thrive on Arts Festival during the school holidays and add to the story of Paradise the Parrot? Below is her completed story...

Paradise the Parrot flew into the Empire looking for a dinosaur who could sing and dance with it’s Mum who is magic. 3 nice parrots flew over Kloud 9 and stole hats to hold gems for the evil Queen to make a crown of flowers to destroy butterflies and blow up dragonflies. Paradise could hear the dinosaur giggling and spiderman climbing the walls.
‘Help me Spiderman’, said the dinosaur, and he did.
‘I love flowers’, said Spiderman, who farted while naked and rudely blamed it on the butterflies. He put his suit back on and got back to business, then annoyed his sister. ‘You’ve got banana on your face!’
Then Paradise saw the dinosaur on a leaf and ran to the rainbow and made it rain. The leaf and the dinosaur grew really big feet that were nice to eat. The butterflies danced with the feet so hard they had a heart attack in a hurricane with eyes, and then the Queen zapped the butterflies but got herself instead and she got wet.
The rainbow said gimme an umbrella!
A tidal wave went up a hill and made a lake. The water was green, salty and bioluminescent. The rainbow smiled and laughed and became a beautiful cloud, floated away and rained on the evil Queen and she melted into the ground. A flying dog came and licked her up and took her to the Dog Queen who was a Pug. The Queens fought and ther was a super BANG! as the Evil Queen trapped
the Pug Queen in a ring of fire. The Pug Queen escaped and ran to the water but annoyed a dolphin and it was angry and splashed everyone with green slime. Buddy Lightning struck fingernails and he cried ‘Owwww!’ The rainbow fairy danced swiftly with a balerina and Paradise joined in. They flew to Hervey Bay with the mermaids and had a party in a black hole. They played games and
Paradise was sucked into the black hole.

There was a Space Kitty on the moon who said ‘I like tacos, would you like one?’ It was a trick bomb and Paradise exploded into glitter and feathers and turned into lots of little parrots who were all the colours of the rainbow. They flew to Ravensbourne and went bushwalking, ate blossoms and got a tummy ache. Then they got a ship to Canada. They climbed a snowy mountains to find polar
bears who could sing Delta Goodrum’s Wings. Then they had a rest. The sky filled with snowflakes, it snowed, so they made a magic snowman who had a snowball fight. Freeeezing!
Abrakadabrah! They all turned into dinosaur penguins. They danced and got tired. Jojo Siwa photographed a zombie eating brains. The Emerald Princess played X-box and walked Hero the dog.
The X-box came to life, fishing and Paradise played with Mario, ate candy, bounced on lollipops and had a dream about the neighbours crocodile. It was an old friend. It ate a house and then ate Paradise. She was tasty. The crocodile was mean, it vomited on the TV. Paradise got mad and pecked Tim. Sonic said ‘Stop!’, ‘Boom, Hiyaaa, Movit, Groovin’, Roarr’ and went to play cooking. They
made cookies, delicious......

Fifteen Peppa Pigs imagined purple kangaroo parrots eating peas while they were painting them. ‘I hate peas.’

‘My Paradise is dragons, guinea pigs, books, cousins, crocs, dinosaurs, fairies, painting, trucks, cars, unicorns, chocolate, farm, art, Germany, drawing, splits, running, horses, craft ,digging for fossils, footy, scooter, play, pears, opal, minecraft, icecream, beach, reading, and crocs...

Thank you Toowoomba!