11 Sep 2018

Program makes huge IMPACT with Junior Ensemble

The 2018 Junior IMPACT Ensemble are hard at work putting the finishing touches on this year’s production, 10 George Street.

To be performed this Saturday 15 September, 10 George Street is a brand-new work that was written and performed by the ensemble members under the direction of Youth Arts Facilitator Ari Palani, Creative Collaborator Kate Murphy and Creative Assistant Nicki Heusler.

“This year the story created by the ensemble was inspired by the book My Place by Nadia Wheatly and Donna Rawlings, which is a classic book most young Australians will have encountered,” Mr Palani said.

“When you are little, the world seems really big and so we have to figure out how to live inside of that. This was the primary question I posed to the group for them to explore when it came to creating the piece.

“Through lots of content generation, explorations and maps of what their lives look like and things like ancestry and family traditions, we decided to focus on life in the middle of suburbia, on a house on a hill, 10 George Street.”

Mr Palani said the ensemble were involved in every part of the creation of the show and the result had been excellent.

“Our littlest voices can capture the world in ways that we might not know, beyond our imagination and often times more honestly than we care to remember, but it’s true from little things, the biggest things do grow.”

Ensemble member, Billie Riley, aged 13, said being a part of IMPACT was a great experience that lead to an original theatre piece she would always be proud of. 

“Because you are free to write what you want, you can let it out in your own words, so our shows always have great meaning to them,” she said.

“It’s challenging with the way we create them instead of doing a scripted piece because you have to make suggestions and build a lot of yourself, spending a lot of time on it outside of rehearsals as well

“It’s like a tower, you build the show step by step and it gets taller and taller and then, the end result is perfect.”

The Empire Theatres Junior IMPACT Ensemble is an acclaimed performance program for young artists who wish to further their skills in theatre.  The Senior IMPACT Ensemble will perform their annual production in October.

The IMPACT program is generously supported by the Sidney Myer Fund.

For more information or to book tickets, contact the Box Office on 1300 655 299 or visit www.empiretheatre.com.au