The Empire Theatre's 2017 major production of smash hit Broadway musical Wicked takes the classic story behind The Wizard of Oz and flips the perspective, telling the previously untold story of the Witches of Oz.  

Following unlikely friends Elphaba and Glinda as they overcome rivalry, envy and ambition in the face of a corrupt government, Wicked proves the world we came to love in the original tale may not be all it appears to be. 

Wicked is proudly sponsored by Heritage Bank and will be performed at the Empire Theatre from Friday 31 March to Sunday 9 April. To book tickets, click here. 



From the pit...

Reed 1 Nicola Hayden
Reed 2 Miranda Klan
Reed 3 Martin Crook 
Horn Elizabeth Crook 
Trumpet 1 Phil Ryan 
Trumpet 2 Diana Skelton 
Trombone Scott McKenzie 
Violin Teresa Brix
Cello  Meg Crook 
Bass  Nick Williams
Guitar Mark Chalmers
Drums  Ian Dixon
Percussion Christina Marangelli
Keyboard 1 / Repetiteur Morgan Chalmers 
Keyboard 2  Christine Lebsanft
Keyboard 3 Wendy Evans 
Keyboard 4 Nerida Eckert 
Repetiteur Tonia Paroz