Homegrown Independents Program

Homegrown Independents Program is the Empire Theatre Projects Company’s assisted hire program encouraging the development and production of new and exciting works, allowing them space to be seen and presented. Independent producers are afforded expert advice and assistance to produce their event.

The program allows for experimentation, collaboration and creative freedom and produces high quality results. It is designed to provide access, develop community capacity, support local emerging artists and develop theatre audiences by introducing them to new and local adventurous work.

Presenters apply for the program through a competitive application process and 2018’s program includes 6 productions covering drama, dance, cabaret and children’s theatre. Tickets will be available six weeks prior to the first performance of each show.

See below what is on offer this year and mark it in your calendar!


Show Information

By Emily Rub 
Empire Theatre Studio
7-9 June 
Show dates and times TBC

"Love is like  biscuit, it's crunchy and sometimes stale..." Emily Rub's keen observations of blokes behaviour in pubs is rendered visible on stage for your enjoyment. Delusion is a rough sketch comedy that explores the world of blokes. Using true stories written and performed by Emily Rub, it follows a series of vignettes taken from the life of Jack Angus, a typical Aussie bloke whose biggest worry is whether or not the pubs will be open on Good Friday. Come join us at Jack's Bar & Grill for a night of blokes, beers and bad behaviour."