Pirates of Penzance

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Come along for a rollick on the high seas in this new production full of adventure, gentlemanly pirates and General's daughters.

Join in on the exploits of Frederic, a young lad nearing the end of his apprenticeship to the infamous Pirates of Penzance. After finding out his hard of hearing nursemaid Ruth mistakenly apprenticed him to Pirates instead of pilots he vows to exterminate all Pirates in an attempt to atone for his past criminal deeds.

Upon reaching the mainland Frederic happens upon a bevy of beautiful young women to which he appeals to help him reform. Mabel, the major Generals daughter takes pity on him and sets the characters on a hilarious path of half truths, deceptions and revenge.

Through catchy songs and entertaining characters this endearing story will leave you wanting to set sail on your own piratey adventure!



Presenting Partner

Heritage Bank proudly presents the Empire Theatre's production of Pirates of Penzance. This is the 12th major production Heritage has sponsored.

Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said supporting the Empire Theatre’s major production each year was about helping make the community richer and stronger. 

“As a long time-supporter of Empire Theatre, we are so proud to help bring wonderful entertainment to the people of our region as well as provide hands-on opportunities for local performers and backstage staff,” Mr Lock said. 

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Supporting Partners

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