About the Projects Company



The Empire Theatres Project Company was formed in 2009 with the goal of providing outstanding arts experiences in southern regional Queensland.

 The Projects Company is committed to delivering arts programs in our regional centres, providing excellent education resources to schools in the region, producing contemporary new work and facilitating community based events.

 Through Empire Youth Arts, the Projects Company offers workshops in Toowoomba and at regional centres including Dalby and the Lockyer Valley, holiday workshops, education resource programs and the elite youth performance program, IMPACT Ensemble.

 Some of the major projects produced by the Empire Theatre Projects Company include April’s Fool by David Burton, the annual presentation of a contemporary Australian play using local actors, including Cosi (2010), Secret Bridesmaid’s Business (2011), Female of the Species (2012) and 2014's second major production, Michael Gow’s Away, providing significant performance, creative and technical training opportunities to the community.



Ongoing support from the Foundation for the Empire Theatres Projects Company has assisted various dramatic initiatives to be carried out including the EAL/D project. Run from Harristown High School, the EAL/D initiative allows Projects Company facilitators to work with Migrant and Recently arrived students, using a range of drama and arts therapy techniques for the participants to develop a better understanding of who they are, where they’ve come from and what the future may hold. At a presentation evening late last year, the students’ accounts of their lives , filled with insight, humour and some tragedy, inspired and touched all those lucky enough to be in the audience. The EAL/D initiative will continue in Semester 2 this year, so keep a lookout for the announcement of this year’s presentation evening.

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