About the Projects Company



We believe in the power of the arts to enrich our community.


The Empire Theatre is one of Australia’s most successful regional theatre venues, hosting over 130,000 visits annually. The creation of The Empire Theatre Projects Company in 2009 was a direct result of that success. The Projects Company was established as the community engagement arm of the Company to further develop the performing arts in the Toowoomba Region.


The Vision which underpins the Company is 'To nurture, enable and inspire the cultural capacity of our community.'


We value VIBRANCY, COLLABORATION, and TRANSFORMATION in our operations, programming and project development. This is reinforced through a strategy of multi-tiered arts engagement across a diverse cross-section of our community.


Through Empire Youth Arts, Community Projects and Education Liaison activities, the Projects Company administers and facilitates a wide variety of programs covering training, artist development, education support, workshop facilitation and unique performance and development opportunities with visiting artists.


In 2017, our program includes/has included:

 -          Term based drama classes for students aged 8-young adult

 -          Various holiday activities in drama, circus, fight choreography etc

 -          Home Grown Independents Series

 -          Harristown EALD student workshops

 -          Opera Australia’s Regional Children’s Chorus – The Marriage of Figaro

 -          Opera Queensland/QMF – Toowoomba Community Chorus Project

 -          Adult Acting masterclasses

 -          Junior and Senior IMPACT Ensembles

 -          Flexi School, More Thoughts Out Loud project

 -          Dust of Uruzgan, book reading

 -          Constellations workshop and post show Q and A

 -          Sydney Writers Festival live streaming event

 -          Ceremonial Ripples workshop

 -          Queensland Ballet children’s chorus auditions and public workshops

 -          Australian Dance Theatre live streaming workshop, in-schools workshops, open rehearsal and preshow talk

 -          Queensland Symphony Orchestra pre-show Q and A

 -          Queensland Symphony Orchestra Prodigy project

 -          Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium puppet making workshop

 -          Diary of a Wombat Pre-show workshops

 -          ACO String Workshop

 -          Senior Superstar

 And more…..

Case studies of past projects demonstrate the variety of projects we have facilitated in the past.

The Projects Company is always keen to collaborate with organisations, schools and artists on projects where arts based activities can help with wider social issues or community cultural development. We often apply for grants to conduct community based projects and achieve cross-sector outcomes. Feel free to get in touch to discuss opportunities.